Saturday, January 23, 2010

Custom Pretty Pebbles Tutorial

Hello fellow beautiful scrappers! Today I have a tutorial on how to create your very own custom pebbles. I just love all those pretty little pebbles you can buy to add that special depth to your projects... I just hate to pay the prices for so few especially when I only end up liking and using a couple out of the package! So I got to looking at those bad boys and realized that they would be SO easy to make! I went to my local Michaels and picked up some clear glass flat backed pebbles - $2.49 for a bag of 20. Got on the computer and searched for images that I loved...printed those out onto white cardstock using my thumbnail option which is the perfect size. And then got busy making my pretty custom pebbles!

Here is how I did it:

Supplies needed:
Clear flat backed pebbles. (I used 1" and 1 1/4")
Your images/pictures
Glossy Accents
Then I simply layed my pebbles onto the pictures I printed to get the positioning I wanted.

Then traced around the pebble with a pencil for a guideline as to where to cut. I used pencil so I could go back in and erase the marks so they wouldn't show through the glass!

Then of course we just simply cut them out. And there we have it...the backs for our pebbles.

Next take some glossy accents and apply a glob to the center of your image. I used glossy accents because it dries completely clear and doesn't deflect from the glass effect we are going for. Plus that stuff can glue like no other!

Using your finger spread the glossy accents into a thin layer over your entire image. This is the only messy part of the entire process I promise :)

Then simply lay your pebble on top of the image. Using your fingers make sure to gently press out any air bubbles you see between the image and the glass. Start in the middle of the image and work out.

On this one I didn't use glossy accents for the glue. Rather I used Diamond Stickles and it sealed beautifully! I love the glittery effect that the glitter gives to the pebbles and you could use any color. Just one more way to create a custom pebble for your project!

I even used some vintage music sheet paper for one of the pebbles below. Love it! Turn rub ons into pebbles, pictures of your children, Or even just a sweet sentiment. The possibilities are endless!!! To create the 6 pebbles below it only took a matter of minutes. A quick, easy, and custom look for your projects at a VERY reasonable price!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Scrapbook 'Button' Necklace Tutorial

First off I have to appologize for the dark pictures. I always think it's a great idea to do my tutorials at night and no matter how awesome my camera is the person behind it needs to learn how to operate her flash indoors :)
Today we are going to creating a necklace using some of our awesome scrapbook paper! We always glue that pretty stuff down and put it in an album, why not wear it and let everyone see that pretty paper we love so much?!

Supplies Needed:
*Dritz Button cover kit (size 3/4 #14)
*Dritz Cover Button refill (size 3/4 #14) You will need a total of 10 buttons.
*Scissors*Felt (Stiff felt works best)
*Hot Glue Gun
*Bead Strand/chain/something to use for necklace!
*Hook & Eye or choice for closure
*Needle & Thread (Not pictured)
*Choice of papers (not pictured)
On the back of your package you will see a circle (I have highlighted it in the picture) You need to cut that out. It is your pattern.

Use this pattern and cut out your desired chosen paper for your necklace. You will need 10 circles. These can be different, the same, just have fun with it!

Now these are the next pieces you will need. A top & bottom button piece, your paper circle, your rubber piece, and the blue piece (I know...I am SO technical with my terms!)

Take your circle paper and turn it over to the negative side and lay your button on the top center. I added a double sided photo square to help keep it in place. This helped out a lot.

Next you want to scrunch the edges of the papers up over the button.

Using your thumb gently push the button into the rubber piece. Make sure to be gentle because this is actually made to be done with fabrics and paper can tear easier.

This is what it looks like when it's securely down into the rubber piece.
Next place the buttons bottom piece onto the open part of the rubber.
Place the blue piece on top of that.

Now using your thumb push down (really hard) onto the blue piece until you feel it snap into place .

Here you see it has been snapped into place and is ready to come out!! All you need to do is bend the rubber back and the button will just pop right out!

And here is out and ready to be used!

And here is a close up of the back side of the button.

Now continue that process until you get all 10 buttons covered.

Cut a piece of felt just a bit smaller then the size of your triangle. Mine measures 2 3/4 x 2 3/4 x 2 3/4. If you are using the 3/4 size buttons then this size felt triangle should work for you as well.

Next you need to lay your buttons on top of your felt to figure out placement. Unless you are an eyeballer like I usually am!!

Now we start to Hot glue our buttons down. I always start at the bottom, it's just easier to make things align better that way. (for me)

Here is what it should look like after it is all glued down.

Next we are going to work on adding the actual necklace part of it. I got ahead of myself (happens a lot with 3 kid helpers) and forgot to take a few pictures....
I was making this necklace for my daughter so to determine the length I just used a necklace that she already owned that we liked the length of. I used embroidery floss and beaded the beads onto one side and the reason I used embroidery floss was so that I could do this:

I thought it would add stability to the necklace to stitch the necklace part directly onto the felt. And then I jut went on from there and kept adding beads to the other side....very easy!

And here is what it looks like when I completed it all....

And I can't forget my precious little model, now can I?! :)