Sunday, November 29, 2009

Incorporating Tape into your LO's

As you all know, I'm a little odd, I love playing around and trying out things that are a little odd and that includes using things for what they weren't originally intended...and that's where tape comes into play! I recently discovered a pretty cool technique that I am dying to share with you all as well as a few other cool ways to play around with various kinds of tape!First the technique!! We are going to transfer a picture onto scotch tape - cool right?! I think it gives the picture a pretty cool look when it's all said and done!

First the Supplies we need:
*A roll of scotch tape
*A bowl of water
*A popcicle stick
*A pair of scissors
*and a cutting mat

What we are going to do:
Start off by applying the tape to your photo in any way you choose, completely covering the picture. Using your popcicle stick get out any air bubbles and go over the entire picture to ensure that the tape is secured onto the picture...this also helps the ink grab onto the tape! Once you are done with that take your entire photo and submerge it into your bowl of water, I know scary!! This part should take 10-15 minutes depending on the quality of picture paper your picture is printed on. I would check it after 10 minutes to see if the backing will easily rub off with your thumb, if not soak it for a few more minutes! Take your picture out of the water and proceed to rub off all the picture paper with your thumb until all you have left is the tape. It will look a little odd until it is dry! But once it dries the results are pretty awesome :-)

Here is my completed LO using the picture I did this technique with!
Also on the above LO I used black duct tape and folded it into thin strips to form the huge flower - that was fun!

Another pretty fun thing I have done recently with tape was create a Background Paper out of it! This created a lot of texture to my LO and was definately a lot of messy (ok, not that messy) fun!

All you need to do this is:
*Masking Tape
*paint of your choice
*foam brush

What we are going to do:
Just start out by applying your masking tape in any way you want, the more oddly you apply it the more appeal it has when painted! It's all about what you think looks awesome! Once you get the entire piece of cardstock covered, then paint away! After I painted mine I went back over it with a baby wipe to give it more of an uneven look, but that is completely on the eye of the beholder :-)

And here is my finished LO using my Masking tape Background Paper:

There are so many other neat things that can be done with tape as well. It can be used to frame your pictures, cover chipboard...have you seen all the wonderful colors of duct tape out there?! Oh my, this girl is in LOVE!! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and can find some way to incorporate tape into your LO's in the future :-) I can't wait to see what you ladies do!

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