Monday, May 10, 2010

Scalloped Punch Flower Tutorial

Hello beautiful bloggers! Today I have a new tutorial for you. This one is so so easy, but the flowers are gorgeous when done! I have done this one a bit different. Instead of posting a zillion pictures, I have combined them into just 2 easy to follow pics! Let's get started, shall we?!

1. Supplies needed: Scalloped Punch 1.5 inch. Hole punch. Brads. Paper.
*I used book paper. Thinner papers seem to work better.
2. Punch out 8 scalloped circles. You can use more or less, but this is the amount that I felt looked best. It all depends on the thickness of your papers though.
3. Use your hole punch and punch a hole through the very center of all 8 scallops.
4. Secure your brad through the center of all 8 scallops where you punched the holes.
5. Start by taking the very first layer and fold & pinch it up around the brad.
6. Continue doing this step with all 8 layers building and shaping your scallops so they are pleasing to the eye!
7. This is the finished little scalloped flower. They are so cute, so fast, and so...CHEAP! lol
8. A variation of the flower. On this one all I did was use Smooch in Siren. I simply smooched the edges before adding the brad. Adds a little more definition.
9. Another variation. On this one I used pink liquid chalk and faded it from pink to white to give the flower more depth.

Here is a little example of different flowers I was playing around with using this technique. I used brown paper bags, book pages, cardstock, and even an old pattern. I inked them, chalked them, glittered them, and misted them. There are so many awesome ways to customize these flowers however your heart chooses....and did I mention that they are cheap....and cute! My favorite combination ;)


  1. Oh, so cute!!! I want a scallop punch! These are the cutest! I bet it would look really cute made from tissue paper as well. :) Thanks for the tutorial! :D

  2. Have lots of old books. Gotta make these. I am going to try Ranger alcohol inks spritzed on them.